Lyrica cheap price Summer Camp Registration (2 weeks)

Golf / Fitness
  cheap mexican pharmacy neurontin 1st week 6/20/16 –21 –22 –23 2nd week 6/27/16 –28 –29 –30   |  Time: 3 hours a day camp: 9am – 12pm  |  Price: $280à-corte.html  

Our summer program experience is designed to test the skill of any level golfer from a first timer to someone thats already playing tournaments. We offer 1:1 and group lessons, the group lessons are matched with age and skill level.

We can learn all the basic fundamentals using special equipment and a curriculum made to get real results for the golf course.

The different activities range from putting, chipping, full swings along with hand eye coordination and fitness.

We want to get the most out of the summer so when its time to return back to school we have added to our skill level. For the best experience we recommend our 2 week program. This busy golf program is made for the most results in a small amount of time over the summer.





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