Fitness / Performance

Protege’s Multi-Sport development program provides the most comprehensive performance training for students of all ages. Our mission is to improve the trainee’s overall athletic ability while maintaining a focus on reaching our everyday goals.

Improving basic physical capabilities with challenging yet engaging athletic training curriculums. Enhancing footwork / hand-eye coordination / basic motor skill /

Each class includes:

  • Assessment of Protégé’s basic motor skills. (Here we form a specific training curriculum to best fit your athlete’s skill level.)
  • Introduction of sport ethic
  • Overall movement skill
  • ABC’s of athletic development: agility, balance, coordination, and speed
  • Integrated emotional, cognitive, mental development

And Focuses on:

  • Building self-confidence on and off course / field / court
  • Improving daily activity rate (An active child is a happy child)
  • Engaging movement environment combined with innovative sports training routine.
  • Sport specific training: Golf / Basketball / Football / Soccer / Lacrosse /
  • (You Play it we Train it).

Protege Fitness and Performance

We focus on the these 5 key aspects to stand out and rise above your competitors:

  •  Hand eye coordination
  • Foot coordination and Agility
  • Balance
  • Explosiveness
  • Consistency


Help trainees plan and obtain, measurable, realistic goals for successful experience during and after the season.

Inspire to change lives by becoming more physically active and educate on nutritional food choices.

This off-season program is time given to the athlete to focus on weaknesses or goals set for a ready return to the season with that special edge and injury reduction.

This program is designed and innovated around every sport with different sets of workouts and drills to utilize for that specific sport to make you Faster, Stronger and more efficient.

This fast paced growing environment attracts like-minded kids from all sports to work together and grow together as athletes.



Hand eye coordination   

Improve Hand eye coordination by challenging our current skill level
Becoming ambidextrous is essential for a well balanced athlete
Specific sport Hand eye coordination training

Foot coordination and Agility

Learn a series of foot coordination and agility drills to enhance total running efficiency
Effortless speed and change of direction
Foot coordination is essential even if your sport doesn’t involve running, you could develop better mobility skills that will affect your overall ability.


Balance is easily overlooked but we realize that balance is important for injury reduction, core strength and adds an increase to overall consistency
Gain the balance of a surfer and use that ability to rise above your competitors  


Improve neuromuscular conditioning
Running mechanics
Change of direction
Top speed
Increase lower body strength specific to the sport
Increase stride length- develop the bodies ability to apply force against the ground.

  • Ground based power cleans, snatches, squats and jumps.
  • Acceleration, quick bursts of energy.
  • Speed drills using resistance bands.
  • Increase stride frequency- be more efficient as a runner without wasting unnecessary energy.
  • Relax all other muscles not being used to run.
  • Footwork and timing.
  • Feeling light on your feet.


Consistent Training
Routine Setting for Practice   learn how to practice
Proper Technique Analysis
Individual Sport and Position Training

Routine Setting – Applying a simple productive routine to the way you practice will increase your overall consistency.  All the effort  and time  we are putting into the sport should  be spent focusing on strengths and weaknesses. Amateurs from all sports make the mistake of not utilizing time effectively and causing them to learn at a much slower pace.

Proper Technique – Break-Down the 4 quarters of the body and become aware of the other parts of the body during exercises. Focusing on the parts of the body not being used and the main parts being used increases effectiveness. (Video Analysis)

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