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What Is Copy Editing?

Other digital skills, such as image selection and search engine optimization, increase the visibility of search results, especially when searching for keywords in headlines. The technological development of cloud storage allows contemporary copy editors and writers to upload and share files across multiple devices.

Online word processors such as Google Docs, Dropbox, Zoho, OpenGoo and Buzzword allow users to perform a number of tasks. Each processor has its advantages and disadvantages based on the users’ preferences, but primarily allows users to share, edit and collaborate on documents. Recently, OpenGoo has been rebranded as Feng Office On Google Docs users can invite others via email to view, comment, and edit any file of their choosing. Those invited can view and edit the document together in real time.

What Does A Copy Editor Do?

Thus, copyediting includes proofreading, along with ensuring that awkward language and obvious errors are corrected. However, this doesn’t mean that the Internet has limited the scope of a copy editor’s responsibilities or job opportunities. One of the most important advancements of the digital age is the advent of pagination, which gives copy editors more control over the construction and revisions of their content. Pagination is a convenient feature in programs such as “Pagemaker, the Quark Xpress, and AdobeIndesign”.

What Do Copy Editors Do?

Despite the increasing number of programs, however, some copy editors believe their basic functions and duties haven’t changed much. Other copy editors think that the Internet has simplified fact-checking and that websites such as Facebook or Twitter have aided information-gathering.

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