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Protege Athletics

  • Fit Kids


This is a comprehensive athletic training program for all ages.  Our program is designed to develop the following: Functional movement, hand-eye coronation, leadership development and get a multi sport knowledge base. We incorporate the use of Calisthenics, proper stretching techniques, and pyrometric‘s.  Curriculum developed from Biomechanics research. 


  • Golf 


Protégé Golf teaches students the game of golf using a curriculum that combines golf, education, exercise and life values. The program is designed to build confidence, promote achievement, and nurture each student’s passion for the game.


  • Soccer 


This program is designed to teach and develop the fundamental skills necessary for your son or daughter to be a successful soccer athlete. Playing soccer will promote your child’s ability to interact socially and learn skills such as cooperation and leadership. Soccer is a great outlet for kids both physically and mentally. Playing soccer can also help promote reaction speed while bringing awareness to the world around them. The kids will be split according to grade level and will be divided by skill set. 


  • Yoga & Mindfulness 

Unlimited Memory


buy Lyrica australia  By: Paul Pontillo

Everyone likes to think they can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it, but why don’t we have this way of thinking when facing obstacles in life? Confidence comes from knowing what you’re capable of. By focusing on brain power, anything is possible. This book is meant for you to have the confidence that you can do just about anything you put your mind to. Valuing the importance of memory and creating the habit to continuously learn should be a way of life. You will read about how we can use habits to shape our mind, memories, and our lives.

The mind constitutes the most important piece of hardware we own. However, society often overlooks this basic fundamental of life.

We face adversity and many obstacles throughout life, you can either rise to the challenge to be a strong minded person or crumble under pressure to settle for an easier life. Fear, embarrassment, concentration, perspectives etc. all controlled by your mind. Your brain never loses the ability to learn and change because it’s effectively plastic and constantly rewiring itself. You can change if you like -your brain is up for the challenge. Click title to read more.



Flow for Coaches and Athletes


can you buy Lyrica at walmart

cheap beer lyrics  By: Paul A. Pontillo

Flow is just another word for being in the zone, in positive psychology flow is when you are completely immersed and focused on the activity with enjoyment.

For a coaches sense of flow happens in the lessons when the difficulty is just right with the athletes fundamental skills. Then the coach must know when to move on to something more challenging to increase the feeling of engagement.

As for athletes; when Tiger Woods is at his peak performance or in the zone, he explains having black out moments when performing shots. This is because Tiger..

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